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Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

Kirk Washington Jr.

Kirk Washington Jr, is a multi-disciplinary artist from the North Side of Minneapolis. He is a 5th generation Black Minnesotan.

He has worked over the last 25 years, in many different mediums and capacities: education, literature, theater, video, music, design, cultural theory, critique, photography, digital, sculpture, paint, bookmaking and community development.

He has toured nationally and internationally with all-black male experimental theater company (The Hittite Empire-Los Angles) as a performance artist/playwright/poet/educator.

He also spent several years in the United Kingdom, working with National Black Arts Alliance (Manchester-London-Liverpool) as an educator/poet/artist-in-residence/theater artist.  

He is presently working to create spaces that combine community art, cultural value, civic engagement, proximity and scale. He designed and is currently working on a series of quarterly art festivals in Harrison Neighborhood Association, over on the Northside of Minneapolis. He is also currently commissioned to produce a site specific piece, as a CreativeCityMaking Artist, working with The City of Minneapolis (Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy & IT Department) and Intermedia Arts Minnesota. He just released a series of chapbooks ("The Poverty of Language....The Violence of Poverty") and is presently shopping his one-man piece, 'Black Genius' and also collaborating with "Jazz" musicians in the Twin Cities.


Denetrick Powers

"Heartbr8k" Powers and "Super" Powers all in one Denetrick, has learned to embrace the pain and broken heartedness of my his own story while transforming it into his own dream-like reality. From the Northside of Minneapolis, MN, to the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities, he has embraced art as a way to answer questions of the environment he grew up in and change peoples perspective of his community. Using the art of photography, video and performance he hopes to show you his vision. He received his Bachelor of Science in 2014 from the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities in an interdisciplinary program in Business and Marketing Education and Fashion Studies. He currently works as a Transit Development Organizer for the Harrison Neighborhood Association, helping bring equitable transit opportunities to a Northside neighborhood due for its share of social and economic investment. 


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Aqeel El-Amin

"Dopematic" has taken many forms over the years. As DJ Markmaster, while starting his own radio show on Myspace, to over 100,000 views on his youtube pages with commercials and highlight mixes of NBA 2K; to waking up early and skipping class to learn video editing and Photoshop. Over the years he has developed a passon to do one thing, CREATE. On the mission to create in anyway possible through any type of art, the name DOPEMATIC was born, meaning "automatically dope" and with his life motto "FREE TRHOWS" he continues to pursue greatness by any means necessary.