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Jamar Clark did not die in vain....

Jamar Clark is the little brother to my best friend.  His murder is personal.  Very personal.  

He was killed by Minneapolis' finest.  They, the City of Minneapolis, still have not released the tapes.  They killed him like so many of our relatives, in cold blood. The artist and protest community continue to push for justice.  They, we chant his name in the streets as they did, we did for 18 days in peaceful protest.  Right in the heart of the NorthSide, on Plymouth Avenue.  Right there in front of the 4th Precinct.  

Jamar was adopted by my friend's mother and father.  They loved me and all of us kids from Cecil Newman Plaza.  Like so many of the kids in my neighborhood, we never thought our lives would turn out like Jamar's but as I grow older, mercy is my choice of weapon.  But somehow, the storyline was already decided.  

There are other pieces to his story.  Some I know and others I don't but, I won't tell them and that really doesn't matter.  What does matter is how this method, of controlling Black folks through fear, force and fraud, has inched closer and closer and closer to our homes.  And for some, they still don't see themselves in his image.  I do and I am not alone.

As the election year goes on for the next few months and the hateful rhetoric divides us further, and the predictable plot plays out, some of us aren't fooled.  The hatred and erasure, the word magic and alienation of anything dark will serve to define the future of this state, city and country.  There are a whole lot of people who want and will continue to demand answers.  

Jamar's name will ring bells this November for sure, especially on the Northside.  However, his memory doesn't live in the Star Tribune or any other media outlet in town. The Black ones either.  His story lives in the hearts and minds of the people who knew him best.  Even if they don't have a PhD, a master's or a job being an organizer.  Even if they can't read or are homeless.  Jamar is them, is us, is the NorthSide.  He will be missed and I mean that.  His story will never die.  CounterSpace will keep fighting for you little that.

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